Reactive oxygen metabolites are harmful products that liberate in the body due to various metabolic and enzymatic reactions. It has lethal property, right from ageing till cancerous growth. It is important to control its level to lead a healthy life. You might hear that antioxidants have a high detoxifying property to the body. Certain food products are extremely rich in antioxidant, and it is essential to consume them to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Antioxidant-rich food :

A research study identifies the antioxidant contents in various food products all over the world and they have come up with the list of antioxidant-rich foods. Plant-based foods are extremely rich in these kinds of stuff than animal-based food items according to the study.

Among plant-based items, herbal/ traditional plant medicines are the highest source of antioxidants in today’s world. Next comes spices and herbs, berries and nuts are rich sources.

However, animal-based products like various meats, egg, oils and fats, dairy products have limited or minimal antioxidants in it.

Here comes the list of antioxidant-rich food products in different category wise. Even though the entire list is about the high antioxidants, it is mentioned in the descending order in each category starting from the richest source to less rich one for your convenience.

Spices and herbs:


Berries, fruits and vegetables :

fruits and berries

Nuts, legumes and grain products :


Beverages :


Chocolates :

Dark chocolates are more antioxidant-rich than white chocolates.

Soups, gravies and other food items: 

Tomato-based pastes, mustard pastes are high in antioxidants.

Eat healthy, live healthy.

Reference :

Antioxidant-rich food products

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