In this fast pacing world, burnout is nothing but exhaustion due to prolonged physical, mental and emotional stress. Nowadays, it is typically faced by one and all. Because of its a high prevalence in recent years, it has become one of the prevailing complaints in the day-to-day clinical practice.

Who are all the possible victims?

Although it is indefinitely seen in every profession, predominantly affected people for burnout are those who have to maintain public relation like doctors, nurses, social workers, police officers, administrators, etc.. Also that, in the recent trend, those who work for corporate companies are encountering burnouts.

What are the possible symptoms?

  •  Frustrated and irritated on anything and everything
  •  Feeling demotivated
  •  Suddenly diminishing performance
  •  Feeling useless or meaningless
  •  Emotional detachment
  •  Inability to maintain a relationship in the workplace or in the personal life
  •  Loneliness

How to overcome burnout?

  •  It is important to maintain a proper work-life balance. You have to understand that Involving too much into work doesn’t go to improve your physical or mental well-being. Rather it would likely cause the other way round. Most often, too much of work commitment would pull down your performance drastically.
  •  In some cases, sorting out the troublesome environment and discussing it openly with your higher officials would be helpful.
  •  Taking short frequent breaks in between your work will perhaps help to rejuvenate your mind and reduce the upheaving stress.
  •  Adequate nap is essential, 7 hours of sleep per day is ideal.
  •  When things go out of hand, it is better to take medical advisors support and by attending a course of counselling would probably help to overcome burn out.
  •  Sometimes, family and friends are the best medicine for self-relaxation. Do consider them whenever and wherever possible.

” Too much of anything is good for nothing”. Ultimately we live once and let’s make an effort to improve our quality of life by spreading positivity, staying healthy and living peacefully. This could, in turn, reduce many other linking health impairments.

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