Pain is the natural process to indicate the body about an unnatural or unusual happening; it could be physical or mental pain. Depending on one’s own ability to overcome the pain, the severity scale may get varied. More-than the physical strength, it is crucial to have mental stability in order to handle the pain effectively. to your surprise, yoga plays a major role to overcome pain.


Among the various methods of handling the pain, one efficient way could be YOGA. It is a form of an activity which combines exercise, breathing and meditation, in order to stabilize the mind and the body. Properly practised yogic movements would help to relieve pain from chronic health conditions like myalgia, lower back pain, migraine, arthritis, prolonged stress, obesity, hypertension etc.


Yoga is practised under three sections, wherein all the sections should be covered in one sitting to get the desired results. It starts with stretch exercises where the bodily muscles get activated. This helps to improve the flexibility of the bones and muscles. This is followed by breathing exercises, which is a vital component of yoga. This helps to rejuvenate the body and relax the mind. Finally, it is ended with meditation, wherein immense focus and moral strength are improved.

These postures could be modified according to the physical illness of the patients. The total duration of this beautiful process could be varied from 15 mins to 1 hour or even more according to individual comfort. On the same way, the total sittings per day shall also be determined. But it is significantly important to practice yoga on the empty stomach, in order to make effective movements.


Chronic pain is the factor which stimulates depression and anxiety. This, in turn, will bring about behavioural modifications and emotional disturbances. By practising yoga, a balance between the mind and the body have occur, which helps to stabilize the system. According to the researcher’s studies, the changes in the endocrine system has also been noticed which are in the extended support to this ancient practice.


To conclude, even though there are various methods available to overcome pain, yoga is one of the best ways to choose with, for its own beneficial effects which are strong and effective.

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