Dental/medical content writer and blogger

I am Nandhini, KM, Dentist, and a professional Medical Content Writer. I can assure you to provide quality content in the field of medicine with meticulous planning and research. My work is typically for,

  • Medical and Dental Magazines
  • Medical Research Organisations
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Journals and Publications
  • Hospital Websites
  • Medical and Dental Products
  • Also a blogger and writing exclusively about healthcare with quality contents

I can assure you to provide superior contents innovatively with a thorough technical background. Being punctual is my strength as well! I could provide a one-stop solution, where my clients can sit and relax.

My clients hire me for the following reasons:

When they require unique and outstanding healthcare articles for their websites which possess evidence-based writeups

I will do my research and use my medical and dental knowledge to pen the content which would be an understandable one for either the healthcare professional or the layman.

As an academic writer, my clients’ dashes to me for documenting their journal publications to have a precise and timely submission.

I can also do the medical and dental transcription for international clients

As a research assistant, I am hired to closely monitor the clinical researches from phase 1 to 4 trials and document the process as per FDA regulations, ICH-GCP and IRB guidelines.

CRO clients approach me for research proposals, investigator’s brochure, informed consent documents, clinical trial protocols, CRF, clinical study reports, package inserts and patient information leaflets and regulatory submission documents

Drug documentation in Pharmacovigilance sector after a thorough analysis of BA/BE studies, biostatistics, clinical and non-clinical research and PK/PD of the drug.

Areas of know-how :

Attractive copywriting in dental and medical genres

Exceptional articles in dental and medical topics

Detailed medical analysis of written reports

Medical and dental documentation

Research assistant for clinical and non-clinical researches

Dental market and product research

Educational or academic writing

Editing and proofreading of medical and dental contents to make it more precise and ease.

If you are looking for a quality medical/dental writer, contact me now to get a satisfying or beyond the exceptional works for you.


Dr Nandhini, KM.