Bullying children is very common from the past, particularly at the pre-school and schooling period of time. It is often left unconcern either by parents or by the teachers; however, it is more likely to cause detrimental effects on the child’s life. Most instance, WE as elders never understand the altered behaviour of the child, that too when it was a gradual and chronic change. Nevertheless, the inherent reason could be bullying by their peer mates or sometimes elders and often children struggle to handle it on their own. 


Threatening a child could be in any form like verbal, physical, relational and exclusion. Using verbal abuse might be a fun-filled activity for others, but it tends to create permanent damages in a little one’s mind. The factors for bullying someone could be many and irrational. Like comparing their low socio-economic status, race, age and gender bias, physical appearance, other activity performance, study capacity, etc. However, these aggressive actions could put forth to undesirable scars on the victims. 


Physical trauma :

Younger ones are sometimes physically beaten up by the higher grade students. To least extend, they might be poked at the back, threatened or insulted in public. The reason could be any of the above factors; however, as a result, the effects are pretty harmful like a bruise, bleeding, physical injuries and even fracture and sometimes, loss of life. 

Mental trauma :

More than physical trauma, the mental wound is more serious and deep, persists for years and hinders a child’s healthy development. The possible effects are,

Chronic insomnia

where the child finds it difficult to get deep sleep due to inherent fear and shame. In fact, shame was the first moral emotion that drives them crazy. This kind of disturbances is often left unnoticed by the parents. Adequate sleep is highly essential to keep the mind in a calm and steady phase for any individual and at any stage of life. Lack of proper sleep or having disturbed sleep would have a serious concern on one’s health and mind. When such impact starts at childhood, then life will be miserable.


Inferiority complex

Most often, shame overcome by guilt causing the child to feel inferior on anything and everything. They lack the courage to face the public because of what they had been gone through. 

Being isolated and loneliness

Lack of courage to face people make them prefer all alone and keep themselves away from the crowd or sometimes, with the closed ones like parents and siblings. 

Struggle to socialise

because of bullying and its corresponding traumas, children would find it difficult to mingle with other peers in school and more seriously, it would continue even after they become adult. Their social behavioural skills would be certainly nil or minimal.


Mental injuries would desperately make the child to lack positivity. The child tends to see negativity in everything he/she does. 

Decreased cognitive skills

Lack of sleep and other factors would drastically affect the kid’s learning ability. Even if the child wishes to learn things, his/her inherent fear would stop doing so. Above that, they neglect to express their suppression to their trustable person thinking that might also end up in bullying. However, this would reflect in their study grade. However, Parents failing to understand this mental trauma would more likely to amplify the injury by insulting the kid for securing a low score.

 Depression and anxiety

Frequent shame and insults would perhaps push a child to chronic depression and anxiety. They become more arrogant and rude to counteract their depression and anger.


Parents play a vital role in securing their children from these detrimental impacts. Low level of parenting education and awareness are certainly a cause for not finding their child’s mental struggle. Being a parent, it is pretty possible to help your child to overcome this suffering.

Develop a good rapport with your child

Give them the confidence to approach you during any period of time rather than giving them hesitations and fear. The child has to feel free to discuss anything with their parents without thinking about hiding stuff. Its all in the hands of parents to give them such comfort.

Identify discomfort at the early stage

Any changes in your child’s sense should be immediately found out and sorted out. This helps them to overcome their fear at the beginning of the event itself. 

Give courage

Being the parents, it’s your responsibility to give them courage irrespective of what happens around them. This would give them instant energy and boosts their confidence. 

Believe them wholeheartedly

Your trust is their strength. No matter how much hurdles they face in life when u trust your child, everything would be an easy-going for them. 

Educate others

Notify other parents about their children’s activities if at all they involve in abusing and bullying others. Sometimes, even elders do involve in bullying and let them know how much it would impact the kid’s development. Giving proper education at the right time could save hundreds of lives in the coming years.

 Notify teachers/principal

When things go out of control, it is better to inform the school authority to take required actions. This would not only save your kid but also other children. This would also give them an opportunity to realise their mistake and provide them with a chance to rectify it. 


As a teacher, you make a major contribution to a child’s development. However, more than half of the teachers are deficient in knowledge about bullying. When you take adequate actions against bullying and try to give a better and healthy environment to the school-goers, it would not only help for a child’s growth but also it gives job satisfaction and professional fulfilment to yourself.  Certain scenarios might put school authorities under pressure; however, it is not to be forgotten that every student has to be treated equally and it is authorities’ responsibility to take care of every individual in their premises. 

Childhood is a beautiful phase in one’s life. It shouldn’t be a horrifying experience because of society’s behaviour. This would not only affect childhood but also makes one’s entire life miserable.

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