Pain and stress have a strong correlation and interrelated to each other. In the present world, depression is one of the chronic disorder which negatively impact personal growth. A person will become hyper irritated during chronic stress. The tolerating capacity may get diminished. It is essential to balance the life to live healthier.

how to manage stress?

To overcome stress there are certain natural modalities available. This could be followed effectively and efficiently to improve the quality of life. These includes

Regularise sleep rhythm to eliminate stress:

 Making the sleep cycle to a constant one. Practising the habit of early wake and early bed will helps to go in accordance with the natural mechanism of the body. Sun is the natural source of energy. It helps to rejuvenate the body during sunrise. Also, certain hormones like somatotropin are typically secreted during sleep. Hence adequate sleep at the right time is important.

Mind the dinner time:

In general, metabolic activity will be tremendously high in the morning and gradually decreases during the night. Dumping the stomach in dinner will collapse the metabolism. It will also impair proper sleep mechanism. Ideally, dinner should be wind up on or before 8 pm.

Rejuvenate mind with the fresh air to overcome stress:

Breathing fresh air in the early morning helps to open up the respiratory system and freshen the brain. This activates the neural system. Less pollution in the early morning is the ideal time.

Meditation and yoga:

Meditating at the early morning will helps to refresh the thought process. Incredibly, it will intensify focus and determination.


Regular physical activity:

Regular physical activity plays a vital role. It improves the tonicity of the muscles, rejuvenates the body and controls the pain. Also, exercise provides a positive vibration around the body which helps for relieving stress.


Hydrating the body adequately will help to remove the toxins. As a result, this controls chronic inflammatory conditions effectively.

Healthy and hygienic diet:

Eating healthy foods and avoiding junks will improvise health. This is directly related to the activity of the brain. As an outcome, a healthy diet will eventually reduce stress. Less oily stuff activates the brain and relieves stress.


Sweat and wet to succeed stress:

 Sweating is one of the effective ways to remove toxins. Detoxing will wash-off the unwanted free radicals from the body. This will remove the toxins and refresh the health both physically and mentally.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Changing lifestyle is crucial because sedentary life will build stress within you unknowingly. You will feel pressurised both physically and morally. Therefore, change your lifestyle to an active one to lead your life happily.

Eat at the right time:

More than what we eat, eating at the right time is significantly important. Because, giving less stress to the digestive system will help to solve most of the stress-related conditions. Maintain a balanced diet in harmony with the sleep-wake rhythm. The time you eat should maintain consistently all day. By doing so, your body and mind will feel free and relax.


It is possible to handle and keep stress under control by making reasonable changes in the lifestyle.

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